Single Phase / Three Phase Dark Horse Ⅲ AC EV Charger 3.5kw 7kw 11kw

Short Description:

Three phase 3.5kw 7kw 11KW, maximum charging power 11KW per hour, suitable for residential, community, hotel, parking and other places with three phase electricity. It is a smart ev charger that can be controlled from your mobile phone by connecting to the device via an app. It is available for both IOS and Andriod platforms, type EVSmart Charger into the APP Store and Google Play to find our app and download it.

  • Size(mm): 370(H)*220(W)*85(D)mm
  • Installation: Wall-mounted Type / Floor-standing Type Installation
  • Charging cable: 5M(16.4FT) standard, 7.5m / 10m or other size customizable
  • Weight: 6.0kg (Including charging gun)
  • 4.3 inch display screen: Optional
  • Indicator light: Y
  • APP: Optional
  • RFID: Optional
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    Introduction to the functions of the mobile phone APP (only the version with APP is supported)

    Charging by appointment Charge late at night by appointment, Low-carbon, Eco-friendly, Lower electricity bills Real-time data Real-time display of current charging voltage, Current and power Charging station historical usage report Daily and monthly charging status at a glance Smart WIFI networking OTA upgrades; improved troubleshooting through remote diagnostics Power adjustment Customised charging power, adjustable up to 1.8KW-11KW. APP Download Please search for “EV Smart Charger” in APP Store or Google Play, you can also download it by scanning the QR code on the product manual One EVSE can only be tied to one phone, multiple EVSE can be added to one phone. When an EVSE is tied to a phone, other phones cannot be connected. You will need to delete the device from the app before it can be connected by others. You can share the use of the EVSE with your family via the sharing function on the app.



    Product model
    Dark house Series
    Wall-mounted Type / Floor-standing Type Installation
    Charging cable
    5M(16.4FT) standard, 7.5m / 10m or other size customizable
    6.0kg (Including charging gun)
    Electrical Specifications
    Input voltage
    AC 220V±20% / AC 380V±10%
    Frequency rating
    Measuring accuracy
    1.0 grade
    Measurement accuracy
    OBM 1.0

    Operating conditions

    Working temperature
    Relative humidity permission
    Maximum altitude permission
    IP grade
    Cooling way
    Natural cooling
    Applicable ambient
    UV resistance





    Match your needs with black base + white top, white base + black top, all white or all black. Other colours are available on a custom basis, please contact us for minimum order quantities.





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